I'm Leila, a former attorney based in Washington, D.C., who has now ventured into the exciting world of UX/UI design. My legal background, spanning over a decade, has equipped me with a valuable skill set that complements my new design career. This transition doesn't feel like a mere change; rather, it feels like a natural progression. With a sharp attention to detail and a talent for solving problems, I've honed my analytical abilities to grasp the intricacies of user experiences. My empathetic nature, cultivated through years of working with diverse clients, fuels my passion for crafting designs that deeply connect with people. What sets me apart are my strengths in effective communication and research. I'm enthusiastic about applying these skills to design, ensuring that every user's voice is not only heard but also central to the design process. I'm looking forward to this new journey and fully utilizing my potential to collaborate and create something exceptional!